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I will tell of of the Lord's unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all he has done. I will rejoice in his great goodness to Israel, which he has granted according to his mercy and love. (Isaiah 63:8)

Happy New Year and welcome to the year 2020. What a mighty God we serve. Many got close but were unable to cross over into this year. But here we are enjoying the goodness of God in the New Year.

Just like the Prophet Isaiah said, "I will tell of the kindness of the LORD"..... The man could not keep quiet about it. He had to make sure others know how marvelous his God was.

As beneficiaries of the blessings and kindness of God, we also testify of God's love, mercies and the goodness of God that has brought us this far. It was not by our power, or might, but by God's mercies that we have seen the first day of 2020 and we, entering into this New Year with gratitude in our heart to say; Lord we are thankful.

Psalms 124:1 says " If it had not been for the Lord who was on our side, now many Israel say..."

Remember where God brought you from and the things you have survived. Thank Him for where He brought you from, how far He has taken you, where you are right now, and most especially where He is taking you. Your past might have been a mess, but what God will do for you this year will correct and makeup for all the errors of your past in Jesus name. Open your mouth now and give God praise. It will be your best year ever in Jesus name.

Psalms 59:16NLT  But as for me, I will sing about your power. I will shout with joy each morning because of your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety in the day of distress. Halleluyah!!

This is a Man's testimony of the kindness of the Lord. I pray for you, this shall be your testimony in Jesus name. David declared "I will shout with joy each morning because of your unfailing love "

The shout of unlimited joy will spring forth in your household in Jesus name. Not shout of death, not shout of weeping, not shout of pain, my God! There shall be shout of joy in your dwelling place. Halleluyah!!!!
David couldn't shut his mouth, he decided to go public. What the Lord will do with you in this season will call for open attention in Jesus name.

Psalms 63:3NIV  Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself; how I praise you!  GLORY TO GOD!

God's love never fails. It is unconditional. It is not self seeking. It always protects, always trusts, Love is patient.
This is what the world do not give but only be found in Christ Jesus. Come! the Love is real, am a living proof of the Love of God.

We know you have been blessed by this message, but you have not received Jesus in your heart, I will like to pray with you. Pls do say after me:

Dear Jesus, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, I believe you died for me and resurrected for my justification. Today, I confess with my mouth that I accept Jesus into my life as my Lord and Saviour, I receive forgiveness of all my sins. I'm born again. Thank you Lord for the salvation of my soul. Amen.

Share your testimony on or call (233)0546641170. God bless you.



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